Will of Hope by Yasmin Fazli

by Yasmin Fazli


“Elle Carlton hasn’t seen light in nearly eight years…until now. When faced with the chance to find Kaleb, her missing love, there’s nothing she won’t do. Her determination knows no bounds except one: he’s not on Earth. Elle will have to leave everything she knows, and embark on a perilous journey from our world to Acryen—a realm where nothing is as it seems and truths are lost in all the lies.
In a land where dragons once ruled, magic is the ultimate weapon and kingdoms are on the brink of war. Prophecies are coming to life, and creatures unlike any other are emerging from the shadows. Elle only desires one thing: to find Kaleb. But, what she doesn’t know is Acryen has its own plan, and you cannot fight what’s already been written. “

Rating: ★★★★☆
4.5 stars

Notes I Made While Reading

    • Pg 7: Ooh. I love the wordplay.
    • The title sounds very poetic and I’m waiting for that moment in a book where the reader thinks ‘Oh, that’s why the name of the book is that’.
    • The lake reminds of the one in May Bird and The Ever After
      I also LOVED that book so here’s hoping!
    • Main character is definitely not annoying. Thank God. I really want her to meet Kaleb again. 🙂
    • “It looked like a tripod” Lol
    • Pg 147: Yasmin Fazli, you genius. I love you!
    • Woah, I kinds of saw that coming with Kaleb.
    • Omg. This book is so long. *sweats nervously*
    • :O What happens next?! Where’s the next book. ;(

The author; Yasmin Fazli was kind enough to send me an ARC of her book ‘Will of Hope’ earlier this year. I’d like to thank her for giving me this beautiful piece of work to read to my heart’s pleasure.

This book and I had a very slow start. We didn’t really get along at first and I was playing a game of tug of war with it. Eventually, I was able to push through and actually ended up staying up until the early hours to finish it. It was so addictive. Yasmin Fazli certainly knows how to spin a tale.
You can see the potential this author has right off the bat. In the very first chapter, I loved the way she wrote the detailed prose.
There a lot of characters to get familiar with and at times the flow of the story is a bit hard to follow. But if you stick around, it definitely gets better.
The best way I can describe it: In the beginning of the story, I ran my fingers across the surface, trying to test the waters. I thought maybe the water was too cold. Well, I should have been leaping in, fl0aties and all!
I went from slumping in my chair to sitting at the edge of my seat by the end of the book! Oh, and that cliffhanger ending! My only problem with this first of a series is that it sometimes felt disconnected. Like there were some loose threads fluttering about. I still haven’t been able to put my finger on what I felt but it isn’t that much of a big deal because it doesn’t affect how I feel about this book overall.
[I had a mini heart attack when Elanore’s character was introduced. I read her name as Elle for the first couple paragraphs before I realized what I was doing.]

I grossly underestimated this book. I was expecting a mediocre protagonist without much on her mind than finding Kaleb and then getting the heck out of there. Woah, was I wrong. Elle Carlton has such a steady character development that you don’t even notice until the very end, how far she’s come.
For some odd reason, I found myself relating certain elements of the story to Lord of the rings. But the thing is, I’ve never read a single page of the LOTR series and the last time I saw any of the movies was when I was eight years old.
Usually, a lot of authors attempt to introduce the reader to this new world that they’ve built but fail to bring the right elements. Most world building is bothersome in my opinion because the writer doesn’t always grab my attention and doesn’t bring forward the detail I look for regarding this ‘brand new place’. Way too many people use the same blueprint and make minor tweaks. Acreyn is none of those things. It was beautifully described and very intriguing. I goes on to my list of epic fantasy places, among the likes of Narnia and Neverland.

This book surprised me and I loved it! I am eagerly waiting to get my hands on its sequel to see where Elle finds herself next!
As for the author; she’s been incredibly patient with my ridiculous delays and was kind enough to send me the ebook in the first place. One of the best start out authors I’ve seen with such potential. I’m looking forward to what else she’ll whipping out next. I am most definitely reading it.
She’s brilliant.
Hands down, one of the best fictional books I’ve read this year.

For the Reluctant Reader:
If you’re still feeling a bit of reluctance, disregard everything. Forget the blurb and the cover and everything else. If you want to read a book packed with action, adventure, mystery, kick-ass characters, big climaxes and a lovable protagonist, look no further!


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